Supermarket Storm Crazy Crowds

Did you ever notice that before a big storm rolls in, people go nuts and crowd the supermarket?

I notice the crowds.  But I don't think it's because people go nuts.

If a big storm is forecast for Wednesday, people who were planning to go to the store on Wednesday pretty much have to go on Tuesday.  And that means that Tuesday might be twice as crowded as normal.  Twice the crowd is a huge leap.  The longer the storm, the bigger the impact.

Imagine that you're planning a dinner for a 15 person party, and then you get word that 30 people are going to show up.  That's a real scramble even if you get advanced notice.

Supermarkets are a pretty predictable business, but a sudden 100% increase in foot traffic can completely throw off inventory and employee scheduling.  It can also throw off parking, cash register availability, and shopping cart use.

I'm sure supermarkets work hard to try to cover the bases when many more people show up, but clearly everyone is going to notice.

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