Mac Mini is a bargain.

Recently, I was asked by a good friend to help her buy a new Windows Desktop PC.

I recommended that she buy a PC with something other then a near-obsolete processor - meaning a machine with an Intel Core2Duo or better, as I believe that a computer with a decent processor will have a good chance of not becoming obsolete as soon. Atom, Pentium, and Celeron are too close to being obsolete.

And I also recommended that she get a machine with Windows 7 instead of the now-deprecated Windows Vista.

And after I described what makes a decent desktop PC, I started to shop for one. And that's when I discovered that the Mac Mini is a bargain.

A bargain mid-ranged desktop computer

I went to the popular brand web sites: Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway, ACER, etc. And I found that a machine of this class generally starts around $500+. And that for $500, you don't get wireless, bluetooth, or sometimes even speakers. WTF???

In contrast, the base model $599 Mac Mini is very well specified - it has a great processor and video card. It has Wifi, Bluetooth, TOSLink, DVI and DisplayPort. And it is compact, quiet and energy efficient, making it a great desktop machine.

My friend was still bent on getting a Windows PC, so I didn't fight her. But in short, the Mac Mini is simply less expensive to buy and own than a decent Windows PC.

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