Electricity Usage Update: 12% reduction

I reduced my electricity consumption by 12% this year (2007) versus last year (2006). I consumed an average of 110 KWH of electricity per month during 2007, as shown on the chart below:

Now that I've done all the cheap and easy things to reduce consumption, and so I don't know if I can save so much more next year. I've done everything I could easily pursue, including:
  • replacing old fashioned light bulbs with CFLs
  • turning of my computer equipment, lights, and other stuff when it's not in active use
  • reducing equipment that consumes lots when doing nothing (such as my old VCR)
  • adjusting my fridge properly
So, any ideas of what else I can do? Since I live in an apartment, I can't readily upgrade my fridge (which averages around 50 watts). I could buy a new LCD TV, but I'm not much of a TV watcher so that doesn't seem like it'd be a good move.

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