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Using Teflon to silence noisy heating system pipes

Fixing My Noisy Heating System on a budget
My home has a hot water baseboard heating system, and the noise the heating system made had been driving me nuts for years.  Each time the boiler came on the pipes started to click, snap, and tick as they heated up and cooled down.  It was loudest in the master bedroom, to the point where I could not sleep at night.

The problem wasn't with the boiler, and the problem wasn't with air in the pipes.  The problem was with the installation of the heating system plumbing.  Whoever drilled the holes through the walls and joists for the heating pipes drilled them in an uneven way.  The heating pipes rubbed against many of the holes, so as the pipes heated up and expanded they would "click" loudly.

The clicking, tapping, and clanking could be heard throughout the house.

Some Expensive Suggestions

One home improvement expert suggested that, for $800, I install heavy insulation around the plumbing to try to reduce the noise.

Another e…