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On Kilobytes, Megabytes, and other computer-centric factors

I started programming way back.  In those olden days I was working close to the machine - on machine language stuff (assembly languages).  Bits were important: shift left, shift right, AND/OR/XOR.  And memory pages were important too: fitting an important routine within a 256 byte page could really help performance.

These days life is different.  You allocate objects.  If you're storing a boolean, you create a boolean object.  Who knows how that's represented under the hood, but it certainly isn't represented in one bit of RAM.   Most people don't even use the bitwise operators offered through the programming languages given to them.  Sure, some do.  But most do not.
And so now we get into our prefixes: kilo, mega, giga, terra, and peta (and beyond, I suppose!)
Many people still want these prefixes to be based on powers of 2.  One kilobyte is 1024 bytes (2^10). One megabyte is 1024*1024 bytes (2^20).  Etc.  It's an OK system, but it really makes little sense. Why i…