Reducing Electric Bills revisited

It's been more than a year since I've posted about techniques for reducing your electricity bill. At that time I promised that I'd let you know how much electricity I've saved.

My monthly average consumption has gone from a peak of 283 KWH/Month in 2003, down to 131 KWH/Month - a reduction of almost 55%!

The techniques I used for cutting my electric consumption by 55% are:
  • Replaced traditional lightbulbs with CFL bulbs.
  • Turn off lights, appliances, and equipment when not in active use.
  • Set my refrigerator to about 38 degrees F, and the freezer to 5 degrees F
  • Turned off the useless "anti-sweat" feature of my refrigerator
  • Run dish washer and wash clothes only when the load is full - and when they don't have to compete with the airconditioner (or can assist in heating)
  • Only run the air conditioner and fans when someone is home.
... and that's it! It was that easy - no pain, lots of gain. I notice that my consumption continues to fall - I'll provide another update at the end of 2007!

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