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Reducing Electric Bills revisited

It's been more than a year since I've posted about techniques for reducing your electricity bill. At that time I promised that I'd let you know how much electricity I've saved.

My monthly average consumption has gone from a peak of 283 KWH/Month in 2003, down to 131 KWH/Month - a reduction of almost 55%!

The techniques I used for cutting my electric consumption by 55% are:
Replaced traditional lightbulbs with CFL bulbs.Turn off lights, appliances, and equipment when not in active use.Set my refrigerator to about 38 degrees F, and the freezer to 5 degrees FTurned off the useless "anti-sweat" feature of my refrigerator
Run dish washer and wash clothes only when the load is full - and when they don't have to compete with the airconditioner (or can assist in heating)
Only run the air conditioner and fans when someone is home.
... and that's it! It was that easy - no pain, lots of gain. I notice that my consumption continues to fall - I'll provide another …