Sodastream Carbonator Leakage, Usage, and Weight

I went to buy a SodaStream "Carbonator" CO2 cylinder from my local hardware store.  The dealer pulled a new Carbonator out of the box and noticed it was lighter than usual.  So he put the new Carbonator in the "empty" pile and sold me a different one.

Weighing a SodaStream Carbonator - for both Science and Consumer Protection.
The dealer told me that sometimes the carbonators leak after they leave the SodaStream filling facility.  That means there could be an opportunity for customers like me to get ripped off!

The SodaStream cylinders I buy claim to have a net product weight of 410 grams - and that means that a full Soda Stream Carbonator should weigh at least 410 grams more than an empty Carbonator.

Here are the typical gross and empty weights of SodaStream Carbonators I've found:

"410g Net" SodaStream Carbonator Weight
Full: 1155 grams
Empty: 724 grams
Contents: 431 grams

Here are my actual measurements of the Carbonators I've purchased, measured using my handy postage scale.
  • Carbonator1, empty: 688 grams
  • Carbonator2, empty: 690 grams
  • Carbonator3 2018-03-xx: full: 1114 g, empty: 686 g, net CO2: 428 g, days: Unk.
  • Carbonator4 2018-04-25: full: 1192 g, empty: 762 g, net CO2: 430 g, days: 18
  • Carbonator5 2018-05-13: full: 1126 g, empty: 686 g, net CO2 440 g, days: 17
  • Carbonator6 2018-05-30: full: 1180 g, empty: 762 g, net CO2 418 g, days: 21
  • Carbonator7 2018-06-20: full: 1164 g, empty: TBD g, net CO2 g, days: TBD.
  • Carbonator8 2018-07-??: full: TBD g, empty: TBD g, net CO2 g, days: TBD.
  • more coming as I use my SodaStream!

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