Fujitsu S-Series Repair

Fujitsu S-Series Lifebook Laptop S6110The Patient: Fujitsu S-Series Laptop

The power connector of my S-Series Fujitsu laptop failed (a Lifebook S6110), just like so many others out there. I called up Fujitsu for repair; their local service center wanted about $80 just to look at the laptop (which obviously only needed a new connector). I concluded that it was silly for me to throw $80 at an estimate for repairing the power connector, so instead I went after repairing it myself.

Researching the problem.

At first I looked on the web for the right connector. After searching high and low, I found that the Asia Industrial Company appears to sell a very similar part, the DS-208. Let me know if you contact them for this jack.

I also saw a part for sale by a laptop power jack "repair" web site, but it didn't look like it would be mountable on my laptop's motherboard - the pins are in a different location, and I think it'd be very difficult to properly mount this part inside of my laptop.

Going at it.

Some ugly pigtailsPigtails off of the board

I decided to start by adding a few pigtails to the motherboard. I opened the laptop, with the helpful instructions found here. Then I soldered in a short length of wire.
From there, I added a simple connector on the end of the pigtail.

Fujitsu Laptop Repair: Power connector repairedPhase 1 complete, Lifebook operational!

At least my laptop is now, um, laptop-able once again. It does look a bit silly with the pigtail, but is is fully functional. I hope to acquire the correct DC Jack for the laptop. Please contact me if you have any leads or advice.

Beyond the Fujitsu

My next step will to try to get that DS-208 part and give it a shot.

To be honest, my Fujitsu is getting a little old, so I might end up buying another new laptop. There are a lot good laptops out there... and that's why I didn't initially go for the "Fujitsu service center" repair.


nero said...

How did you get from those instructions further to the motherboard of the fujitsu? I like your fix!

LanceJ said...

I didn't have to remove the motherboard.

The power jack is normally soldered on a small board mounted along the top back side of the laptop (by the speakers).

After removing the keyboard and the plastic "plate" that covers the speakers, the solder-side of this board is exposed.
Once this board was exposed I could use a small soldering iron to remove the broken jack's pins.

Then I slid three wires into the now-empty solder holes that were formerly used by the jack.

Finally, I simply soldered the three wires in place. Again, this was easy since I had free access to the solder-side of the board.

Hope that helps! Next time I'm in there, I'll take more pictures and publish them here.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever locate the correct connector? I have an S6210 with the same issue. They wanted $250 to replace. All I need is the connector. If you or any of the readers have found this, please email me at calfunguy_99@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, my dc connector is busted but i purchase a port replicator where i plug my power cable and its working fine after a couple of months it will turn on but will not make any display, I notice something it will function correctly when i turn on the computer and its fan stops spinning but when i turn it on and the fan wont stop it will function. can somebody help me

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