Leaving Sprint for Huge Cost Savings

So my friend is under a Sprint contract, and it's killing him.  He pays $145 a month for service for two lines, and he has 8 months left on his contract.  That is $1745 a year!

He came to me because he wanted to upgrade his phones - he has two iPhone 5c's with 8 GB of storage - not enough - and so he was thinking of signing up with Sprint for another two years to get "new phones".  Stop!  Stop the contracts!  $1745 a year is a LOT OF MONEY.

So we have THREE problems:
  • He is under contract for 8 more months, at $145 a month.
  • He has two phones that are too limiting for his day-to-day use
  • He has two phones that are locked to the Sprint network
We have FOUR goals:
  • Reduce money being sucked out the door
  • Get phones that are not so limiting
  • Get phones that are not locked exclusively to Sprint
  • Get out of any "contracts"
Stage 1: New phones!

So our first step is to get new phones - phones that will work with Sprint or any other carrier.

Well, not NEW phones, but good and affordable USED phones.  We are ordering a couple unlocked 32 GB iPhone 5Cs.  They're pretty inexpensive, at $140.

Then we hope to sell the 8 GB iPhone 5Cs for about $100.  That's an $80 expense in total, if it all goes our way.

Stage 2: Validating the new phones

Stay tuned!  We haven't received the "better" phones yet. 

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