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Lance J., the Anti-Sales Guy

I now see all these friends and family who get entrapped in a salesperson's bullshit.  I'm tired of it.

I'm fine with people selling products.  I'm fine with people over-paying for a product because that product is great, convenient, or well-supported.

Unfortunately, the majority of corporations ask their salespeople to sell product using lies, distortion, and manipulation.  It's bullshit, it's wrong, and I'm gonna stop it.

I hear it all the time:
  • Auto Repair Industry:  Your brakes are down to 2 mm, so driving could be dangerous.  We can't be responsible. (Using Fear)
  • Mobile Telephone Industry: You should get a bigger mobile data plan because you use more than simple email. (Using Fake Advice)
  • Cable TV Industry: If you sign up for Cable TV, Internet, and Telephone, your monthly bill will actually be a little lower than if you just signed up for two of them. (Using a Fake Bargain)
  • Electronics Retailer: The $30 gold plated HDMI cable will give you a better picture then the $5 HDMI cable, (Touting Fake Quality)
All these sales pitches are nothing but lies.  These sales pitches use fear and manipulation to encourage people to hand over money.  Instead of being honest and providing good service and advising their customers, these corporations attempt to entrap people and sell them useless garbage.
"Oh, we don't KNOW what people need and want!" Bullshit.

These salesmen never EVER provide quality service or advice.  They never say:
  • "You have 2mm of good brake pad left.  They are 100% safe.  You should get your pads replaced after your brakes start to squeal, as that's the indicator of needing your pads replaced".
  • "You likely only need a 2 GB data plan; the unlimited plan may be a total waste". 
  • "This Triple-play package will lock you into a multi-year contract that will likely cost you".
  • "Get the $5 HDMI cable.  It's digital.  The picture will be identical to what you'll see with the $30 cable".
Have you heard lies like these before?  Or something like them?   Please share.