Stuff to Buy for my iPhone 5!

I have my new iPhone 5 on order, but before I actually get it I want to make sure I have all the stuff I need to keep it healthy and happy.  Here are the items I have on order.

CaseCrown Case for the iPhone5

I want to keep my new iPhone5 looking like new.  But how?

I love my CaseCrown Slide-on case for my iPhone4.  It looks great, is slim, but is very strong.  It has kept my iPhone4 looking like new.  And so it only makes sense for me to get another CaseCrown for my iPhone5.  Happily, there is a CaseCrown for the iPhone5!  Find the CaseCrown Case Here.

CaseCrown Case for iPhone 5

A Lightning to Dock cable

Some are complaining that the Dock Connector is going away.  I say good riddance - the Dock connector was always an unwieldy hodgepodge, supporting about 20 analog and digital standards.  A standard very high speed connector will do much more in a compact and reliable package.

That said, I do have one key dock connector item that I love - my car FM transmitter.  My 12+ year old car doesn't have bluetooth or line-in, so my FM transmitter is a useful auto accessory.  With an inexpensive aftermarket Lightning to Dock cable, supporting power and analog audio, I'll be able to continue to use this old workhorse.  Aftermarket Apple Lightning to Dock Connector cables can be found at Amazon.

A two-port USB car charger

This just seems useful - when we're driving in our old cars, sometimes we want to plug in and charge more than one item.
A USB car charger that supports two devices simultaneously just seems like a good thing to keep in the glove box. This Griffin Powerjolt Dual USB item should do the trick!

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