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HP LaserJet Keeps On Ticking

I've had a lot of printers over the years, but there is one that just keeps on working for me - my HP LaserJet 4L. This little beast is over 18 years old!

My 4L is the slowest laser printer on earth, printing at a mere four black and white pages per minute.   And the paper tray holds a paltry 100 sheets.  But it keeps going and going.

I haven't had to replace any parts, and the toner cartridges - which last for about 3000 pages - are inexpensive and readily available.   The last one I bought was $19.  Do the math and you'll see that it beats the pants off of any modern inkjet printer.

I did end up adding an inexpensive Parallel to USB adapter to the HP - and plugged it into my trusty Airport Express.  Now my HP is always on the network and ready to handle the print jobs of the twenty+ nearby devices.  Wow!

My only concern now is my future ability to buy HP 4L cartridges.  I am definitely going to start keeping my used up carts for refill, as I can imagine that retail availability will decline over the next few years.


Jay Roosa said…
Just curious what you used to make your printer wireless. I have a similar LaserJet that I found in the dumpster at work, after buying and adapter and usb converter cable has been working steadily for the last few years, with only one new cartridge after the one that was in it when I found it finally ran out.