Your Privacy Quotient

We all have the expectation of privacy, right?  But how private of a person are you?

Here's how to calculate your privacy quotient!

Add up the following "points" as for each item below.  The resulting number will be used to calculate your personal Privacy Quotient:

Card Usage - Tracking your purchases

  • 1 - Do you use store "rewards cards"?
  • 5 - Do you use a credit or debit card for most purchases?
  • 5 - Do you shop for and buy goods on-line?

Banking - Tracking your income and spending

  • 1- Do you have direct deposit?
  • 1- Do you have a bank account?
  • 1- Do you have a mortgage or loan?

Internet - Tracking your relationships and opinions
  • 5- Do you use an internet service provider?
  • 5- Do you use Web Mail, such as gmail?
  • 5- Do you use a social web sites such as Facebook?
  • 5- Do you use Google to search the Internet?
Telephone - Tracking your location

  • 5- Do you have and use a mobile phone?
  • 1- Do you have a landline?
  • 1- Do you have a home security system?

Transportation - Tracking your travels

  • 1- Do you drive a car?
  • 1- Do you have a toll transponder?
  • 1- Do you use a train/bus/subway pass?

Now, here is YOUR privacy quotient:

Wow!  You are a private person.

Good, respectable privacy.  Corporations only know you a little bit.

Ouch, you're being tracked pretty heavily.

You're looking for trouble, as your data is all over the place.  Corporations know where you are and who you are most of the time.

Big Brother is your Big Brother.  Your life is well known to millions of corporations.  They almost always know exactly where you are (± 3 meters).  They know almost exactly how much money you make and where you spend it.  They also know your political views, your likes, and your dislikes.  They know your favorite food, and your dog's name (if you have one).

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