Electricity Use Update - the Final Frontier.

I did it again.  I cut my lighting electric bill by yet another third.

Now I'm using a photocell to automatically switch lights on and off that used to be on 24x365.  This last move reduces my lighting bill by about 35%. 

It would seem that a photocell would save about 50% in lighting costs, as the average 24 hour period is about 50% daylight.  But it isn't that simple:  For safety reasons, I want the lights to come on before it gets dark, and I want the lights to turn off after it gets bright out side.  Furthermore, not every day is loaded with full sunshine.  After chugging through the numbers, I pessimistically calculate the my lights will be on about 65% of the time.

When I started this lighting efficiency effort, I was already considered efficient: I was using CFL bulbs in all my fixtures.  Yet I was still able to reduce my lighting costs by about 85%.

Further savings are going to be a significant challenge as I already use low-wattage LEDs, and they've been extremely reliable.  Considering that my current bulbs have been extremely reliable (zero failures), it is a good bet that I won't have a bulb failure over the next 5+ years.  Perhaps by then, more efficient bulbs will be available.

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