Avoiding Computer or iPhone Repair Errors.

I repair a lot of equipment - mostly smartphones and laptops.  I'm no genius and I have limited expertise.  But I do know how to do quality work - making sure that the result is no worse than where we started from.  I am happy to say that I've rarely made something worse.

Not everyone is so good.

I've acquired a lot of equipment that was ruined from "home repair" people.  Don't be that person.

Here are the things I've seen:
  • Missing components and screws.
  • "Lost" small parts floating around inside a machine.
  • Mistakenly disconnected cables.
  • Welded parts mistakenly pulled apart.

If you're going to do a home repair, do good work.  That means you need to be patient, triple-check your work, and use reputable procedures and guides (which universally means NOT YOUTUBE!)

Here are my tips:
  • Get good repair procedures well before you begin.  These should be written procedures with photographs.  Youtube is good, but is NEVER a substitute for good procedures.  And a lot of people that make Youtube videos are, um, idiots.
  • Read the repair procedures first and make sure you fully understand every step.  Make sure you have all the tools and workspace available to do the job right.
  • Use the right tools. Do not use the wrong tool.  If the tool is available on the market, BUY IT.  Using the wrong tool for the job is always stupid.  Only experienced experts should be fashioning their own tools.  Virtually all repair tools are inexpensive.  Buy them.
  • Keep organized.  Never ever jam the wrong screw into the wrong place.  Develop a system to prevent yourself from making mistakes.
  • Screws and parts are there for a reason.  Break a part during disassembly?  Replace it.  Lose a screw?  Find it and make sure it goes back in its place.  Did you remove adhesive?  It served a function.  Replace it.
  • Know your limits.  If you can't deal with something, bring it to a pro.  For example, I hate dealing with a lot of adhesives.  I'm happy to bring a device to a repair shop if it is affordable and it help me avoid the art of working with numerous strong adhesives. 
  • Know that not all those in the repair business is professional.  Choose your repair shop carefully.
Good luck!

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