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LED Light Bulb - First experience

There are a certain set of bulbs in my building which need to be on 24x365, so I figured this would be a good place to try an LED bulb.  The bulb is in an open ceiling fixture and is never turned off.

I recently bought a Cree LED Light Bulb to try out in one of these fixtures.

The bulb cost me about $10, and gosh darn it - it looks and behaves a lot like a regular incandescent bulb.  It is bright enough for my use, and draws a mere 6 watts - that's a ton less than 40 watts, and even 33% less than the 9 watts of a similar CFL.

Doing the math the electricity costs me about $8 a year to keep it lit, versus $12 in power for a 9 watt CFL or $50 in power for a 40 watt incandescent.  So payback will be very fast.

So far I have about 10,000 hours on the bulb.  I'll report if and when this bulb fails, but according to the specs I should expect to get about 6 years out of this.  And that's great, because changing a bulb in this location is a royal pain.

Next time I'll consider installing one of those 3 watt bulbs.  And to imagine just 10 years ago these fixtures were loaded with 60 watt bulbs.  The cost savings is just incredible.

Now if anyone has a tip for replacing an old-school GX32 style CFL with an LED without a lot of labor, please let me know!