Saks Fifth Avenue - Spam City

I'm really quite tired of the Spam that looks a lot like advertisements from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Here's the story:

I have an email address that I only use with my friends. I don't hand it out to retailers, and I don't reply to anyone I don't know very well with my email address.

However, somehow I got on a mailing list that is sending out "Saks Fifth Avenue" related advertisements on an almost DAILY basis. I've never shopped or purchased anything from a Sak's store of any kind, yet someone has decided that I deserve an inordinate amount of information about stuff I'm not interested in.

Did someone steal my email address off of one of my friend's address book? Was my address published on-line and scraped from somewhere? Did someone somehow get ahold of my email address and sell it to some "bulk email" agency? I certainly don't know, and these spams don't even make a claim on where they got their list.

All I know is that I get a Saks-branded email almost once a DAY. Insane. Retailers don't cold-call people once a day. But that's what they're doing to me, just via email. So I find it incredulous that Saks would be behind this.

I think my best strategy is to mark this garbage as Spam/Junk, protecting me and countless others from this insane misuse of email. Evidently a LOT of other people mark these messages as junk, as they advise users to put their email address within their "address book". Ha! Good thing we're not all so stupid.

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Chris Johnson said...

I just started receiving daily spam from Saks Fifth Avenue also (I came across your blog post after searching to see who else has this problem). Like you, I've never shopped there, and they can't have gotten my e-mail address in any legitimate way. I tagged the first one I received as spam, and Gmail has dutifully sent the rest there automatically.

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