Belkin Router Dropping Internet Connection

My trusty Belkin 802.11g router started having problems the other day.

When surfing through Google Maps, the router would stop communicating with the Internet. Restarting the router was the only way to correct the problem. It would lock up, and no other computer would be able to reach the Internet. Internal LAN connectivity continued just fine.

I have the latest firmware updates, so that wasn't the problem.

So then I turned off the Router's "enerprise-class" Firewall, and that fixed it! The firewall was described to me to be a "stateful packet inspection" type of firewall. Turning it off address the reliability problems - now - no more crashes so far!


Carlin W said...

Lance, THANK YOU! You have solved a problem I've had for years now. I uninstalled Vista and loaded XP because I thought that was the problem and today I was about to buy another router. THANK YOU for sharing this!

Carlin W said...

You fixed my problem! I had it for a couple of years and finally got so pissed I was about to drop $100 on new equipment. Thank you for figuring it out!

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