A Calendar for Everyone

We all kind of dislike calendars that we aren't accustom to, and tons of folks over the centuries have thought they could do a better job.  And some people around the world see calendars as being a primarily religious instrument since Pope Gregory XIII's people pushed for the one we use today.

Here's my proposal, which combines the Herschel and a modified Holocene calendar.
  • Take on the proposal of Sir John Herschel, so that there are 969 leap days every 4000 years.
  • Take on the concept of the Holocene calendar year numbering system, but modify it as such: 
    • The year number is an aggregate of the top 30 year numbers of the calendars of the world, modulo 100.  Then add 10,000.  My calculation comes up with the year 10043.  For you Gregorian fans, just subtract 8029.
  • Retain the other structures of the Gregorian/Julian calendaring system, notably: month numbering, month length, weekdays.
  • Call this the Earth Solar Calendar.
  • A calendar that is not the Gregorian calendar
  • A calendar that is generally compatible with the Gregorian calendar for all practical purposes
  • A calendar with a new year style which clearly identifies itself from other commonly used calendar styles
  • A calendar that is generally not affiliated with any specific religion or society
  • The proposed calendar retains the Gregorian correction to the Julian calendar.  The timing of that reform is tied to a religious event.
  • The calendar retains the month model of the Julian calendar.
  • Those that appreciate the supposed linkage of the Gregorian calendar with religion may be unhappy with the proposal.  However, the Gregorian calendar is a weird hodgepodge of lunar and solar calendars with a stem several thousand years older than the current Gregorian calendar year. Furthermore, the Gregorian year number is widely known to be inaccurate.
  • No one likes change.


MEOW CC Blog is https://network23.org/communitycoop/ said...


Good suggestions, and you have clearly thought a great deal about them, but would not The World Calendar, as proposed by the U.N.,and the Holocene together be a simpler change?
UnDate (was MEOW Date): Monday, October 2. 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)

Anonymous said...

I don't like the "World Calendar" because it (1) substantially changes the structure of well-established months and (2) the continuity of 7 weekdays per week without gaps is lost. All this makes for a substantially more complicated change, for no notable benefit.

In contrast, my proposal retains the weekday continuity and doesn't mess with the month structure. It simply takes the calendar back from the hands of the Roman Catholic Church, which is one huge reason why it is unloved by many cultures. The Roman Catholic Church did do good with it, but these days lead astronomers and scientists are not managed by the church.

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