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Repairing your own Smartphone to Save Money

Here is my story and advice regarding fixing your own smartphone.

Last week, I stupidly left my phone on the roof of my car and drove off, resulting in the phone flying to the pavement at about 30 MPH.  Happily I recognized the situation immediately, and found the phone... with a shattered LCD.

My phone still worked, but the front glass was shattered, resulting in (at least) a painfully embarrassing handset.

At first, I thought I'd take it to a local shop to fix it.  They charge about $90, which I thought was a pretty good deal.  But then I saw that I could by the LCD part and fix it myself for a mere $30!  That was a $60 savings!  So why not?

So I went to my favorite on-line shop and bought a kit which included the LCD touchscreen and a specialty toolkit for $30.  A few days later it arrived in the mail, exactly as I expected.

Then I went to and checked out the instructions.  There were about 27 steps to get at the screen... but none of the steps seemed to hard.  So I …