Dishwasher Efficiency

My dishwasher has a feature that lets me run it after a delay of so many hours.

When is the best time to have the dishwasher run?

For me, that's about 6:00 AM.  Here's why:
  • By running the dishwasher right before my shower, the hot water pipes are warmed up, reducing wasted water.
  • The fewer cycles on the hot water tank, the more efficient it is.  Since I take a shower soon after 6 AM, the tank will "see" fewer heating cycles.
  • The waste heat from the dishwasher will help heat my house in the morning, when the furnace is going.
  • After I'm done with my morning bathroom excursion, the dishes will be clean and ready to put away.
  • 6 AM is off-peak in terms of energy consumption.
And there you have it.

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