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Upgrading my white MacBook with an SSHD Hybrid Hard Drive

A couple of weeks ago the Samsung hard drive in my white plastic MacBook started to have problems starting up - the hard drive was failing.

A few years ago I "upgraded" my MacBook with a higher capacity 500 GB Samsung drive.  Since then, I've been a bit frustrated with my MacBook.  It simply never performed as well, and I just figured that after years of OS updates and demanding web sites that it was about the end of the road for this MacBook.

My first option was to buy a new computer.  My MacBook is from 2009 - and that's a bit old in terms of computing technology.  The MacBook Air is a great high-performance, high-quality machine, but  my old MacBook should be a reasonable performer too.  Perhaps the hard drive was a reason for my lousy performance, and so I decided to shop for a higher-performance drive.

Unfortunately, thousands of drives are available on the market, but which one should I buy?  I made a quick list of criteria:
Storage.  I want plenty of storage fo…